healthcare practice

Typical of our engagements on behalf of healthcare clients are: enforcement (and defense) of restrictive covenants among practice groups and departing physicians; real estate acquisitions for healthcare facilities; representing practice groups in their banking relationships and credit agreements, preparing vendor contracts, mergers of practice groups, prompt pay claims, collection matters, and employment agreements.  In short, if it involves the business side of your practice, we do it.

Tom Gruenert’s experience as General Counsel of a $200 million annual service revenue provider group, which operated over thirty clinical facilities in three states, provides him with a unique and extensive grounding in the legal issues encountered by healthcare clients.  From HIPAA to Stark Act, from anti-kickback to ACA, Mr. Gruenert has been in the trenches helping a large provider group stay compliant and prosper.

Value based healthcare standards mean that our clients are making more and more of their treatment decisions based on whether a treatment option under consideration will improve the patient’s overall health and quality of life.  We like to think that we apply that decision-making model to guide our clients’ legal decisions.  We hope to partner with your practice for the long term, and we do not base our recommendations on short term financial interests.