Commercial Litigation Practice

Our experience with commercial litigation spans the range from collection suits to restrictive covenant enforcement, real estate disputes, Fair Labor Standards Act claims, breach of contract cases and construction disputes.  In each of them, we focus on achieving the best possible resolution as fast as we can.  Sometimes that means a successful mediation.  Sometimes it means a jury trial.  We’ve done both.  We recovered a $1.5 million jury verdict against a Houston healthcare system in 2015. 

The jurors we’ve had the opportunity to interview recently have generously shared their views on the litigation process with us.  We find that jurors share impatience with the process, with particular distaste for lawyers and witnesses who aren’t forthcoming.  Jurors share a diligent attention to detail and a strong desire to get the thing right.  We’ve taken that guidance to heart, and we try to structure our trial presentations accordingly.  We try to let our clients do their own talking, we try to be efficient, we avoid dragging things out, and we don’t labor under the impression that we can hide bad facts by burying them in a mountain of irrelevancy.